Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services

Sales leads and appointments your team can convert faster

Callbox understands the critical role that effective lead generation and appointment setting play in the success of your B2B business. Our comprehensive suite of services is tailored to meet the unique needs of your business, ensuring maximum impact and growth.

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B2B Lead Generation Solutions

Overcome your B2B lead generation challenges

Break through the hurdles of entering new markets, connect with key decision-makers, successfully launch new products, and drive significant sales pipeline growth.

Growth challenges
  • Close more deals
    Empower your sales team with a steady stream of qualified leads and appointments.
  • Expand to new markets
    Navigate the complexities of new markets and reach new customer segments.
  • Find ideal clients
    Pinpoint your ideal customers and streamline lead generation efforts.
  • Launch your product with impact
    Ensure a successful product launch and maximize market impact.
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Callbox Lead Gen Solutions

How our Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Works

The lead generation process that fuels your pipeline

Attract, nurture, and convert. Our process aligns with your marketing funnel, delivering the right leads at the right time.

Lead gen funnel
  • Market Research and Data Enrichment

    We utilize technology and research to gain insights into market trends, competitors, and your ideal customer profile (ICP). This includes identifying relevant contacts within your target accounts.

  • Target ICP Generation

    We use various data sources (firmographics, client information, etc.) to create a detailed and accurate profile of your ideal customer.

  • Inbound, Digital, and Content Marketing

    We create engaging content and manage your website effectively, ensuring an optimal experience for potential customers. This includes managing contact forms, web chat support, and inbound leads.

  • Strategic Social Media Marketing

    Targeted social media campaigns raise brand awareness and foster interaction with your audience.

  • Multi-channel Customer Prospecting

    We implement a seamless, cross-channel approach (email, social media, voice, etc.) to connect with your target prospects and promote your service offerings.

  • Lead Qualification

    Leads are evaluated based on specific criteria to ensure they align with your business goals and have purchase intent.

  • Appointment Setting

    Our skilled SDRs and support team streamlines your sales process by securing qualified meetings with your ideal accounts.

  • Events Lead Generation

    We maximize your event impact by generating high-quality leads before, during, and after the event.

  • Sales and Marketing Alignment

    We ensure a smooth handoff by providing your sales team with detailed information and gathering feedback to consistently improve our targeting and outreach strategies.

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Industries We Serve

Powering growth across industries

We apply our proven lead generation and appointment setting process to help businesses in various sectors achieve their growth objectives. Whether you're in technology, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, education, or beyond, we tailor our approach to your unique needs and target audience.

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  • Check icon Cyber Security
  • Check icon Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics
  • Check icon AI Technology
  • Check icon FinTech / RegTech
  • Check icon Telecommunications
  • Check icon IT Governanve, Risk, and Compliance
  • Check icon IT Services Management (ITSM)
  • Check icon Back up and Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Check icon Wireless Services
  • Check icon Equipment Manufacturer
  • Check icon Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing
  • Check icon Technology Manufacturer
  • Check icon Medical Manufacturer
  • Check icon Printing and Related Support Activities
  • Check icon Freight Forwarding
  • Check icon Logistics & Warehousing
  • Check icon Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
  • Check icon Moving Companies
  • Check icon Healthcare Equipment and Supplies
  • Check icon Healthcare Provider and Services
  • Check icon Medical Practice Management Software and Services
  • Check icon Healthcare Technology
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Industries we serve

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I highly recommend Callbox for lead generation services

Paolo Raffaelli
Paolo Raffaelli

Callbox has proven to be an excellent appointment setter

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Ravi Mangipudi

They have helped us streamline our lead generation process

Vincent Yancoskie
Vincent Yancoskie
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