Pete Snyder, Pioneer of Social Media Marketing

Pete Snyder, the pioneer of social media marketing and currently CEO of Disruptor Capital, was recently awarded by Smart CEO Magazine as one of their “Leaders We Admire” in their May issue. In 1999, Snyder founded New Media Strategies because he saw a lack in the understanding of companies about the effects of online conversations about their brands. His venture eventually lead to the birth of social media marketing.

Snyder clearly saw what the internet can do to help build a bridge between brands and their consumers, or sales leads. Prior to New Media Strategies, brands didn’t pay any attention to what their sales leads said about them online, thinking these were only inconsequential opinions from a few disgruntled customers and did not have any bearing on how the rest of the public viewed them. To prove them wrong, New Media Strategies helped their film studio clients to learn more about the opinions of their sales leads by joining forums about hollywood films and by measuring and analyzing their responses.

Now, social media plays an important part in company marketing and is almost always the topic of debates and conversations. Even then, social media marketing functioned by “helping firms develop marketing strategies for social media”. Now it is known as one of the best tools for increasing and improving online presence. However, a lot of companies who now use social media marketing still fail to understand the initial purpose of this type of marketing which is online customer engagement. They still think of social media as another board on which to slap their products and services for their customers to see, while neglecting to respond to comments requesting help or clarifications.

Customer engagement and interaction should be the main reason why companies join the social media field. If customers point out any problems, these should be resolved promptly, and the solution should be visible to all who may be experiencing the same issues. If customer’s complaints or problems become too complicated to resolve through social media comments, they can be directed to a customer hotline where a professional telemarketing team is waiting to resolve their issues.

Because setting up a social media page for one’s own company requires no more than a little time investment, small and medium sized businesses tend to do this themselves. However, they usually end up being neglected because the company no longer has employees who have time to manage the page. Customer issues posted there are not read, therefore they are not heard by the company, which eventually results to dissatisfied customers. To avoid this, SMBs can hire a BPO company to manage their online presence, especially on social media. When there is someone maintaining the company’s social media page, customers are more likely to increase engagement.

This is an essential process in social media marketing. And while Pete Snyder has decided to leave New Media Strategies to found another venture (Disruptor Capital), marketers who share in his belief on social media marketing should never forget its purpose.

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