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Best Lead Generation Services for 2015
Callbox Among 10 Best for 2016

If you’ve come looking for warm and qualified sales leads for your pipeline, you’re in the right place.

Callbox is the lead generation service provider trusted by thousands of business owners around the world for over 10 years. Backed by smart marketing technology and proven prospecting processes, we give you the power to scale your sales team and effectively boost your sales numbers through our lead generation services.


We Build You The Right Database

From our repository of 50 million decision makers

We Reach Prospects Through Multiple Channels

Via Voice, Email, Web, Social and Mobile

We Nurture Leads With Marketing Automation

And multiple touchpoints, until prospects are sales-ready

We Power Your Campaign with Callbox Pipeline

Where you manage your leads and campaigns

Manage leads. Monitor campaigns. Nurture relationships.
Get your marketing running on all gears.

Callbox Pipeline is a multi-touch, multi-channel CRM and marketing automation platform that integrates call center power with lead management, campaign monitoring and lead nurturing. Sign up for any of our services and instantly enjoy these benefits of Callbox Pipeline and more:

  • DataMiner – Build lists of up-to-date business contacts from Callbox’s global database
  • Sales Campaigns – Run targeted call and email campaigns
  • Lead Scoring – Score leads based on how they fit in with your business and the interest they show in your offering
  • Live Touchpoints – View calls by your Callbox team, email opens and replies, and website visits as they happen
  • Mobile Streams – Access updates on recent calls, appointments, tasks and notifications across mobile browsers
  • Auto Triggers and Actions – Nurture your leads by defining the next move for any given status of your sales prospect
  • Real-time Notifications – Send and receive timely alerts so you can respond promptly to actions taken by your prospects

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